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Dress/Formalwear Suspender with Button Ends 1-1/8"

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Model: 2552/W

Available in 38 type of packaging.

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1-1/8 in. wide stylish dress suspender attaches to top of dress pants with button ends. Adjustable, one size fits most.

Individual or Bulk Packaging.

Price per Dozen.


• 42 in. L.
• 1.125 in. W
• Available in multiple colors:
• Black
• Brown
• Charcoal
• Earthtone Check
• Fuschia
• Gray
• Hunter Green
• Ivory
 • Lavender
• Light Blue
• Maroon
• Mint
• Navy
• Pink
• Purple
• Red
• Royal
• Tan
• White

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ModelUPCMCICType of PackagingListSale
2552/W-BK-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-BK-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-BR-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-BR-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-CH-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-CH-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-ET-B   Bulk Pack   
2552/W-ET-I   Individual Pack   
2552/W-FU-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-FU-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-GR-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-GR-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-HG-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-HG-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-IV-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-IV-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-LA-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-LA-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-LB-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-LB-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-MA-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-MA-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-MG-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-MG-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-NB-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-NB-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-PI-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-PI-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-PU-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-PU-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-RB-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-RB-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-RD-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-RD-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-TA-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-TA-I   Individual Pack
2552/W-WH-B   Bulk Pack
2552/W-WH-I   Individual Pack